The Role of Space and Location in Building a Luxury Home

So you’re finally in a space where you can afford to build a luxury home. You may have the finances to carry out this project, but maybe you’re not sure exactly what luxury elements you want. A lot of people spend their time working and trying to create the kind of life they want, only to find, when they have the necessary finances, that they have to no idea what that kind of life is! If you find yourself in this position, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

The Role of Space and Location in Building a Luxury Home


For most people, having more space is a sign of luxury. After all, space is a commodity which is in demand. But it’s a good idea to go by the Swedish concept of lagom when you’re thinking about how much space you need in your house. The idea of lagom is that everything should be “just right.” In other words, the space should not be too much or too little. Too much space might make you feel like you are floating in your home, and too little space might mean that you are bumping up against everything.

So when you build your luxury home, make it spacious by all means but not so spacious that maintaining it will feel like a chore. In general, it’s a good idea to go with one or two rooms more than what you strictly need. This will give you room to develop future ideas such as a home gym, a home office etc.


This is yet another thing that people associate with luxury. A good location generally indicates a greater degree of luxury. For some people, a good location is an urban one which is close to all the benefits of living in an urban environment such as restaurants, bars, museums, theaters etc. For others, a good location is a rural one where they can go for long, rambling walks, ride horses and be far from “the madding crowd.”

So think about which of these two options you’re looking for at present. If it’s within your finances, you can also think about having an urban home as well as a vacation home.

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