John and Trena I.
“Our experience building with Jeff Rasor couldn’t have been any better. Jeff’s top priority is delivering what his clients’ want and ensuring that their vision becomes a reality. All throughout the process, Jeff stressed communication was the key to ensure a successful build and he made sure that communication was consistent and any questions that either we had or he had were answered rather than making any assumptions during the building process. This was our 3rd build project and by far, this one was the best. The experience was stress free and enjoyable which cannot always be said when building a home. Without hesitation, we would recommend Rasor Custom Homes to anyone who wants to build a quality custom home and get exactly what they want. If or when we decide to build again, Jeff will be our “go-to” builder.”

David and Lisa Sauls
“After building a custom home in the past, my wife and I knew what we were looking for but just needed a reputable custom home builder who had good relationships with his subs and built a quality custom home. We found that when we met with Jeff at “Rasor Custom Homes”. Jeff took the time to sit down and go through the entire process and kept us in the loop during the build starting with the slab & framing to the finite details to include lighting, flooring, carpet, cabinets, counter tops, paint and finish out. When we had an issue, Jeff made it a priority and from that we built a trust the job would be completed with 100% satisfaction in mind and it indeed was. I would highly recommend Jeff Rasor as a reputable and reliable builder for your next custom home or addition. Asks Jeff for our contact information if you have any questions about the overall process. David & Lisa from Mansfield, TX.”

Derrick and Malinda Sansom
“We want you to know how much we love our home. This was our first time building a custom home and we are very grateful to have been referred to you! We enjoyed the entire process and you never got tired of us showing up to check on progress. Thank you for building our high quality and beautiful dream home! ”

Kim McCaslin
“I am delighted in my decision to use Jeff Rasor to build my custom home in Mansfield. From beginning when my home was just a vision on paper, through the very last detail, Jeff delivered. Even 4 years later, everytime I see Jeff or speak with him, he continues to ask me, “is everything good with the house”. I highly recommend Jeff Rasor for anyone looking to build the best quality in a new home with the utmost professionalism, and service you can find. He just goes the extra mile for his customers!”

Chris & Christine Graygor
“We were very impressed with the quality Jeff brought to his homes and we could tell he loved building homes. We know we made the best possible choice in our decision to use Jeff Rasor. He was responsive, attentive, and listened. He wanted to know what we wanted instead of what was easiest for him. There will always be things that arise during the build of a home that are unplanned. What separates decent builders from great builders is the ability to address issues in the build process through creativity and logic. This way, an unplanned change never appears to be an unplanned change. Jeff was great at this process. He was always willing to collaborate, and meet with as many people as necessary to find a solution that looked like it was always planned. He would recommend ideas, and would listen to others’ ideas. This is a great quality when it comes to building, and Jeff employs this tirelessly. He truly wants to build a dream home for each and every client. Jeff has awesome subcontractors, and he does a good job of maintaining a good working relationship with them. Everyone on the jobsite always smiles at Jeff and comes to say hello when he shows up to check progress. If we ever build another home we will absolutely call Jeff Rasor. He is awesome.”

Chris & Christine’s Story of how they found the Right Custom builder:

Christine and I have lived in Mansfield since 1998. We love the area. Prior to moving into our current home, we lived in the Arbors of Creekwood for about fifteen years. We would walk through new neighborhoods, and tour parade of homes because we planned to build a custom home of our own. My Dad was a custom builder for over 35 years down in Corpus Christi. He had a very successful career in custom homes on north Padre Island, which culminated in finishing his career with a series of estate properties built along the prestigious Ocean Dr. in Corpus Christi before he retired. I spent many hours with him along the way closing homes up in the evening, doing walk-throughs with clients, and cleaning them up during the construction process to earn money for the summer. My Dad was a stickler during every step in the process, and built some amazing homes. Attention to detail was something he took very seriously and I knew this was a trait that I was looking for in a builder.

Christine and I were introduced originally to Jeff Rasor by way of a sign on one of his lots in Heritage Estates. This was several years before we had formal plans to actively build. We saw a speculative home that he had for sale, and called the number on the sign. We enjoyed looking at new homes when we had time, and liked to try and keep up with current trends in the building industry. We toured the home, and it was beautiful. Jeff was very personable. Walking through the home, I saw quality. Tile grout lines lined up nice and straight with the walls, The trims and moldings in the home had tight joints absent of any big globs of caulk. Light fixtures were evenly spaced on the ceilings, and well-positioned in the rooms. Plugs and switches all lined up. One trick I use when touring a home is line up any two vertical lines in the house. For instance, the door jam of one door to the edge of a wall in another room when looking down a hall for instance. As you superimpose those two lines on each other, they should line up perfectly. Can you tell I’m an engineer? Those details, among others, make a quality home to me. I don’t want to be reminded of imperfection every time I walk down a hall because I see a crooked wall, or a crooked grout line along the floor.

Over the next five years, we bought a lot in Strawberry Fields in Mansfield, and finally made the decision to build. We bagan to interview builders in the area, and had meetings with probably four or five of the custom builders here in Mansfield. One of our friends, Kim McCaslin had just started building and she hired Jeff Rasor. Her experience at that point in the process was very positive. As soon as she mentioned his name, we remembered that we had toured one of his homes several years ago. We reached out to Jeff, and spoke with him again, this time with the hopes of building on our lot.Jeff submitted a proposal to build a home for us based on some plans we provided, and he gave us a very detailed “no-nonsense” approach to building with him. Christine and I could feel his sincerity, and we knew we had found our builder. From that point on, we never looked back. We know we made the best possible choice in our decision to use Jeff Rasor. He was responsive, attentive, and listened. He wanted to know what we wanted instead of what was easiest for him. One the rare occasion that a concern arose, he would quickly address the issue, and resolution was swift and comfortable for everyone.