3 Best Ideas for Outside Living Spaces in a Luxury Home

Over the years, the term outside living spaces has been a subject of intrigue. At some point in time, they were spaces where patio furniture or a grill was placed.  Nowadays, televisions, dining areas, and even entire kitchens are included as part of our outdoor living space. Adding a  fire pit or a full fireplace to an outdoor living space, is also ingenious. When it’s time to think about your outdoor living spaces, especially for people looking to build custom homes, here are some great ideas for you.

3 Best Ideas for Outside Living Spaces in a Luxury Home


Modern televisions are elegant and lighter than older models, thus they are easy to hang anywhere. For security and weather reasons, televisions are most often placed indoors, but placing them in a strategic place outdoors works quite well.


Entire kitchens are a common feature of outside living spaces. This means that there are spaces for sinks, refrigerators, and a variety of cooktops. Most kitchen appliances are made of stainless steel, which makes them more weather and tear and wear resistant. Stainless steel, when put on stone or brick, is even more appealing. The combination of modern stainless steel and rustic stone creates an interesting contrast. The stone acts as an anchor to outside kitchen appliances and provides an outdoorsy look.


A fire pit is a classic mainstay of an outside living space. Many people spend time relaxing around the fire as a way to unwind. Over the years, fire pits have adopted an artistic bend and look more like fire features than traditional fire pits. Having a fireplace or a fire pit makes the outside space a warm and cozy affair.


Outside living continue to gain popularity, and when done professionally, they are something to be proud of. At Rasor Custom Homes, we have a reputation for honesty and a proven track record of delivering unique outside living spaces. Contact us now for more information.