Visualization Techniques to Manifest Your Dream Home

Everyone has something in mind when they think about a dream home. Maybe this idea is based on a home that you’ve lived in in the past. Or maybe it resembles a friend’s home which you really love. It may also just be something that you saw in a magazine and couldn’t stop thinking about.  For some people, their dream home is really clear in their minds. So when they’re working with a custom home builder, they can tell them exactly what they’re looking for. However, for others, their dream home is just a vague idea and they need to flesh it out completely. This can be done with the help of visualization.

Visualization Techniques to Manifest Your Dream Home

Visualization Technique 1

There are a few visualization techniques that you can use to see your dream home in its entirety. One is to close your eyes and imagine that you are in your dream home. What does it look like from the outside? Is there a lot of land around it? Or just a small, beautiful backyard? How big is the house? What color is it painted? Is it built in a style you recognize?

Once you’ve imagined your house fully from the outside, enter it through the front door, with your eyes still closed. What do you see? Is there a hallway? Where is the living room? How big is it? Does it have tall windows? How about the dining room and the bedrooms? Describe them in as much detail as you can. Go through the bathrooms as well. Make note of any special features like sculptural staircases, fireplaces, hot tubs etc.

Visualization Technique 2

For some people the above method comes very easily. But for others, it’s tough to imagine something which is not in front of your eyes. So if you find this type of visualization too difficult, don’t despair. There’s another technique you can use.

Sit down with a bunch of architecture or interior design magazines and cut out photos of anything that appeals to you. Then make a collage of these images and hang it up in a place where you can see it everyday. The more you look through magazines like this, the better. And keep clipping and saving photos of anything that catches your eye. Sooner or later, you’ll find that your dream home has taken shape in front of your very eyes.

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