Tips for Building the Perfect Home Theater Room

Your home is not yet complete if you don’t have a home theater room. For many people, the home theatre room is the endpoint of your home remodeling, coming right after installing floors and fixing windows. It’s more than just a screen and a sofa set. To give it the lavish attention it deserves, there are other requirements, such as controlling the outside light and casting large pictures. These requirements apply to screens, video projectors, as well as large flat-screen televisions.

Tips for Building the Perfect Home Theater Room


A home theater room should be a place solely used for watching videos on large screens with little else happening here. Modern screening has gone a notch higher since the introduction of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, conventional cable TV, BluRay movies, and video gaming. Sharing the home theater room with other activities lessens the cinematic experience and the desired satisfaction cannot be achieved.


This is the unwanted sound coming from the outside into your home theater room. Plumbing noise, dishwasher, or sounds from outside can ruin your viewing experience. For that reason, you need to soundproof your theater room, which can be achieved by:

  • Adding a secondary layer of drywall or using special sound-reducing wallboards
  • Putting thicker window curtains in your home theater so as to absorb sound
  • Using solid doors to replace hollow-core doors, which goes a long way in soundproofing your home theater room.


Ambient light is the unwanted light coming from outside the theater room, such as light from other rooms or light coming through the windows. Unlike other rooms where natural light is important, the theater room requires minimum light. Flat-screen viewing or video projection images are less enjoyable when there is unwanted light. You can get rid of ambient light by choosing a place with minimum light, like the basement, or by using light-blocking shades and curtains.


Having a perfect theater room and customizing it to fulfill your desires is a dream come true. At Rasor Custom Homes, we are here to help you find the perfect theater designs and décor. Contact us now for more information.