The Importance of Selecting the Ideal Lot for Your Home

Before your dream home becomes a reality, selecting the perfect space to complement your plans is a pivotal step in the home building process. Fortunately, choosing a lot to accommodate your preferences, budget, and long-term property value can be easily accomplished with a few key selection criteria in mind. Before calling in the contractors, here are some great ideas to help you select the right lot for your home with ease.

The Importance of Selecting the Ideal Lot for Your Home

Find a Lot That Supports Your Lifestyle

Searching for a lot that offers convenient accessibility and supports your daily routines is a great place to start. Quality of life improvements like a shorter commute into town, ample yard space for the kids to play, or a location in a safer neighborhood may be top items on your checklist. As you browse the best lots in your area,  keep your lifestyle needs at the forefront of your decision-making process.

Choose a Lot With Your Budget in Mind

Another fundamental component of lot selection involves the overall cost of building, ongoing maintenance, and other typical cost considerations.  To minimize your costs, there are many ways that you can protect your budget and preserve the long-term value of your home, such as:

  • Choose a Lot That Drains Well: If your property is situated in an area exposed to excessive precipitation or receives runoff from nearby terrain, you may have to spend more on foundation costs, man-made drainage systems, or a sump pump to keep your property dry.
  • Ensure Utility Accessibility: Finding a space that has accessible water, gas, and electricity are essentials to keep in mind. If your lot is in an isolated area, you may have to invest in satellite services for the internet or phone, pay for a well-water installation, or plan for upfront costs like gas storage or solar panels.
  • Consider the Type of Terrain: If you’re hoping to enjoy a garden space or reduce your building costs, selecting a lot situated on healthier soil will naturally support your building plans. Rocky and difficult to excavate terrain can cost more during the initial building phases, and may not be the best choice if you have dreams of a vibrant landscape adorning your property.

Increase Home Value With a Beautiful Lot

Selecting a space that pairs beautiful views with a clean neighborhood and a welcoming community may be at the top of your list. You can’t put a price on the quality of life enrichment that comes with additional curb appeal supporting your dream design. A lovely home in the right place is more likely to maintain or grow in value, while providing you with the liveable satisfaction that comes with a space that simply feels like home.

There’s a lot to consider as you begin the search for the perfect lot. If you’d like to discover other ways to simplify your search for a better space, we’d love to help. You can contact us at Rasor Custom Homes any time for personalized assistance and honest information, and we’ll do whatever we can to help you make an informed property decision with confidence.