Sharing Your Vision with Your Custom Home Builder

Since you’re interested in building a custom home, chances are you’ve crafted a preliminary vision of your dream home. An experienced, thoughtful custom home builder makes a conversation to flesh out the customer’s vision a standard part of the process. In case you’re wondering what to expect during that discussion, your custom home builder will have questions about your current lifestyle and plans for the future.

Sharing Your Vision with Your Custom Home Builder

Accommodating Your Current Lifestyle

As you describe your vision and must-haves, the builder should be listening carefully and asking questions to understand your lifestyle. For example, if you mention your ideal backyard would have a swimming pool, a fire pit, and a covered patio, the builder may ask whether you entertain frequently outdoors. Based on your answer, the builder makes suggestions. Many builders also pose a set of standard questions to make sure your new home fits your current lifestyle and future needs.

Planning for Your Future

A good builder knows it’s important to design a home that’s flexible. Typically, the builder will want to know about things that could significantly alter your lifestyle. For instance, is it likely that a new baby will one day be part of your family? Could an aging parent eventually join your household? Your builder can provide options to make changes to the makeup of your household seamless. Do you plan to stay in the home after retirement? It’s easier to build your home for aging in place than to remodel it later.

Your current and future needs require thoughtful discussion.  Being transparent with your builder is the key to realizing your vision. Good builders want to construct homes that can adapt as the homeowner’s life changes. At Rasor Custom Homes, we have a discovery session to fully understand each client’s vision. Contact us to get an estimate for your project.