Importance of an Oversized Garage in a Luxury Home

A luxury home speaks volumes of the owner’s opulence and high-end living. Every interior space in such a property reveals a lavish design. And now, many owners are embracing an oversized garage in their luxury homes to match the rest of the house. More importantly, this trend is slowly picking up for good reasons. Here are some of them.

Importance of an Oversized Garage in a Luxury Home


The majority of luxury homeowners love owning and collecting cars. It’s not uncommon to find most with a collection of more than ten high-end vehicles. This creates the need for an oversized garage to accommodate their treasured toys.

Because they have the means, the affluent owners can have this car storage space tweaked to look like showrooms where they can proudly display their possessions. The oversized garage can further be accentuated by glass walls so that anyone approaching the house can have a clear view of them from all angles.


An oversized garage may also be customized for more functionality. This means having air conditioning, tiles, and superb finishes, among other amenities. Some garage space is set aside for such things as

  • man caves where the man of the house hangs out alone or with male friends
  • entertainment center fitted with a pool table, wine bar, television, and refrigerator
  • storage for equipment like power tools, grinding machines, and metal cutters
  • workshop for servicing the cars


A luxury home with an oversized garage looks the part. It increases the resale value, as most people looking for such properties own many cars, which they would love to keep closer to them. Not only that, they would like all of them to be properly protected from the elements, hence the need for spacious garages.

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