3 Luxurious Must-Haves for Your New Outdoor Kitchen

In many ways, outdoor kitchens are the ultimate luxury. If you want to host a dinner party on a cool evening or spend the entire summer day by the pool, you’ll no longer need to take a thousand trips in and out of the house. Instead, you’ll enjoy the simplicity and convenience of having everything you need right there at your fingertips. Along with all the standard outdoor kitchen amenities (grill, cooktop, sink, mini fridge, bar, cabinet space), you’ll want to be sure to include these three luxurious must-haves.

3 Luxurious Must-Haves for Your New Outdoor Kitchen

Luxury #1: Pizza Oven
Outdoor pizza ovens are all the rage right now, and no wonder. Rather than settling for frozen pizza of questionable quality or leaving yourself up to the whims of delivery, you can craft your own brick-oven pizza right from the comfort of your own backyard. Talk about taking summer nights to the next level!

Luxury #2: Full Prep Station
When it comes to outdoor kitchens, a slice of counter space is nice. A full prep station is the dream. Plenty of room for all your tools and to spread out as you work.

No more cramped outdoor cooking for you!

Luxury #3: High-End Dishwasher
Though a dishwasher may sound like a prosaic choice, adding one to your outdoor kitchen is the height of luxury. Now you no longer have to choose between paper plates and plastic wear and playing rock-paper-scissors to decide who’s going to hand wash or haul everything inside during cleanup.

Instead, just pop everything into your high-end outdoor dishwasher and move on with your night.

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