Choosing Master Bath Features for Your Custom Home

The custom home building process begins with a discovery session between the builder and the client. Often, it’s helpful for clients to have examples of the options for each room before discussing their vision with the builder. The current trend in custom luxury homes is to design the master bath as a spa-like retreat. To help you flesh out your vision for your home, here are frequently requested features for the master bath.

Choosing Master Bath Features for Your Custom Home

A Freestanding Tub

From a design standpoint, a freestanding bathtub often serves as the room’s elegant focal point. While a traditional clawfoot tub is one option, homeowners frequently prefer the modern look of flatbottom tubs. Another possibility is enhancing the spa-like atmosphere with a soaking tub that’s deeper than a standard model.

A Well-Appointed Shower

The right features transform a walk-in shower from a utilitarian fixture to a luxurious, pampering station. There are shower systems that come with remote controls for adjusting the water temperature and pressure. Other shower features to consider include:

  • A built-in bench
  • Multiple shower heads
  • A rain shower head
  • Body jets
  • A shower niche for storing toiletries
  • Glass partitions

Homeowners who plan to age in place may want to incorporate universal design features like grab rails and a curbless entry. (Universal design refers to making spaces accessible for everyone.)

Statement Lighting

Glamorous lighting fixtures have made their way into bathrooms. Chandeliers, crystal pendants, and caged lanterns bring a touch of sophistication to the master bath. Wall sconces can provide task lighting around the vanity. Clients sometimes request dimmable lighting to increase the room’s spa feeling.

Of course, this list of master bath features isn’t comprehensive. Hopefully, reviewing these features has inspired you to add detail to your vision for your master bath. Contact us when you’re ready to get an estimate for your custom home project.