Build a Dream Home Which Makes You Feel “At Home”

Not everyone has thought about exactly what they would like their dream home to look like. But we all have some ideas about what a dream home should feel like. We’ve all entered spaces which automatically made us feel at home, in one way or the other.

Build a Dream Home Which Makes You Feel “At Home”

What Kind of Space Makes You Feel at Home?

Maybe you felt most at home in a space filled with plants which made you feel at one with nature. Or maybe the space was just very spacious and gave you a feeling of expansion, both physical and mental. On the other hand, maybe the space was small and cozy, with a fireplace, a rug and a comfy sofa. It all really depends on what your life associations are and what type of home makes you feel most at home.

You May Not Like Décor Which Is in Fashion

Very often, however, people don’t know their own likes and dislikes very well. They may see something in a magazine and think that they would love to have a home like that. But when they are actually thrust into that environment, they may find that they just can’t get comfortable in it. This is because it’s easy to get taken in by what seems to be in fashion.

Recalling Spaces You’ve Seen in the Past

If you want to discover what type of home you’d really like to live in, cast your mind back to all the different homes you have seen and ask yourself which of these you liked the most. As soon as you do this, you are likely to come up with a few memories. Latch onto those memories—the very first ones that come to mind.

You may be thinking of a home you lived in as a child or an apartment you shared in college. You may be thinking of a friend’s home that you visited for a brief period of time. Or you might even recall a particularly comfortable bed and breakfast where you and your spouse had a great time.

Deconstructing a Space to Discover its Appeal

Either way, you need to now think about what made those surroundings so great for you. Was there something about the colors, the furniture, the size of the home or the style in which it was constructed that particularly appealed to you? Once you have a general idea of what kinds of things make you feel most comfortable in a home, you can sit down with your custom home builder and incorporate those elements into your dream home.

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