5 Design Factors to Consider When Building Your Dream Kitchen

When you hear the word kitchen, one thing comes to mind – food. The kitchen is also a family evening meet-up place. Therefore, when looking for a kitchen design, factor in the function, storage, the work triangle, and lighting to get the most from this vital area of your house.

Let’s get down to each one of them.

5 Design Factors to Consider When Building Your Dream Kitchen

What function do you want your kitchen to serve? This may seem a silly question, but it’s relevant. A kitchen is where the family meets in the evening to discuss the day’s activities over dinner. Sometimes, you need a place to supervise your kid’s homework while you cook dinner. Have this in mind while choosing a kitchen design.

The Work Triangle
The work triangle is the space between your cooker, fridge, and sink. Here is where you do most of your food preparation and cooking. You’ll therefore need a smooth flow of traffic for the sake of convenience. Typically, the edge of your kitchen triangle should range between 40 and 60 inches.

Storage is a common issue with clients looking to renovate their current kitchens. You need a place to store all the supplies and kitchen appliances. Think about smart storage solutions if you have a smaller kitchen. You can think of pull-out drawers for your herbs, pantries with pull-out drawers, or walk-in shelves for your pots and pans.

You need enough light to accentuate your kitchen both for beauty functions and practicality. Clients can choose between a general lighting solution that lights the whole kitchen, task lighting for specific tasks under cabinet lighting being an example, and accent lighting to highlight kitchen beauty.

Consult a Professional
One of the best ways to get your kitchen design right is having a professional do it for you. Rasor Custom Homes got you. Contact us today for all your professional kitchen needs.