Creating Your Custom Home’s Outdoor Kitchen

A complete outdoor kitchen is frequently a must-have for homeowners who cook outdoors regularly. Also, homeowners who entertain outside can benefit from an outdoor kitchen even if they usually prepare their food indoors. Here are things to consider while planning an outdoor kitchen for your custom home.

Creating Your Custom Home's Outdoor Kitchen


The location of your outdoor kitchen deserves careful consideration. Putting the kitchen adjacent to the house is convenient. However, it’s not the right choice for every custom home. Do you plan to host pool parties frequently? A poolside kitchen could make entertaining easier. If you’re a gardener, you may like your outdoor kitchen near your herb and vegetable garden.

Architectural Features

It’s a good idea to decide how you plan to use the space before selecting architectural features. For instance, if your outdoor kitchen is part of a space that’s going to be used often for entertaining, you may want lots of built-in seating and a large dining area. A covered patio would provide shade and prevent a sudden rain shower from ruining your party. Although a pergola won’t protect you and your guests from the rain, some homeowners prefer the beauty of a pergola for the kitchen’s “roof”.

Food Preparation Features

Although an island with a cooktop is a popular choice, you have a great variety of options for food preparation. Depending on how you like to cook, you may be interested in a grilling station, smoker, deep-fryer, or pizza oven. Your kitchen can be outfitted with weathertight cabinetry to meet your storage needs. Refrigerated drawers under the countertop integrate well into the kitchen’s overall decor and give you a place to keep cold drinks.

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